Devotional Life: A Starting Place

Whether you’re a new Christian or you’re a Christian who suddenly realizes you have no idea where to start when it comes to prayer and Bible study, hopefully this will help.

Go to church and Bible study. That’s the first and foremost. Be encouraged and taught by your pastor and other Christians.

Pick up a Bible, Pray, and go for it!

What translation? Most LCMS churches use ESV. (What’s the deal with translations is a whole different discussion).

Set aside time in your day to read and pray. And always set aside time to gather with Christians around the Word and God’s gifts.

Here’s a good reading plan from Crucial Productions.

You can also open a hymnal (Lutheran Service Book / LSB) and look at the daily lectionary on pg 299. You can also purchase a Treasury of Daily Prayer which provides those on their right days with other helpful prayers and information.

The Hymnal and Treasury of Daily Prayer both have short orders of prayer and such as well if you’re looking for a little bit of structure.

This is also a helpful resource for building up your prayer and Scripture reading life when you’re first getting started.

Jesus bought you from death. God’s instructions are good and wonderful.

If you have questions, let me know. Dig into the Scriptures, ask questions, pray, and celebrate God’s goodness.

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